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This summer we are offering a variety of programmes to parents. Check out our range of coding and science/STEM programmes, for children aged 5 years and above.

In solidarity with the current economic situation we have reduced some of the prices for our programmes, so that they are more wallet-friendly!


This holiday, we have teamed up with the programmers at DIYA Malaysia to bring a variety of introductory level coding workshops to your kids! Check out our range of programmes for 5 year olds to 14 year olds. All workshops run from 19 – 23rd July 2021, with two available time slots: 11am – 12pm OR 4pm – 5pm.

Participants will be required to use a laptop for these workshops, with the exception of the Animation & Interactive Design (tablets can be used).


Animation & Interactive Design (5-7 years)

A fun entry-level workshop to introduce your young one to the world of coding! Kids will be using Scratch Jr to code a simple animation that interacts with them. Since Scratch Jr does not require kids to be able to read, they can start young.


Advanced Game Design with Scratch (7-10 years)

Kids who have basic knowledge of Scratch will be thrilled to develop their skills further with this workshop! They will learn how to code their own game using the Scratch interface.


App Development (10-14 years)

Is your child interested in developing apps? Turn them from a consumer of technology to a creator of technology by giving them the skillsets to create their own mobile app!

Make With CircuitPython (13+ years)

Get an introduction to Python and CircuitPython in this hands-on, 8-hour workshop. Our experienced maker and programmer Adrian will guide participants through the wonders of CircuitPython, the latest micro-controller from Adafruit Industries which has a whole range of functions guaranteed to delight those with a passion for DIY electronics! CircuitPython runs on Python, therefore giving participants an introduction to the language as well.

Vex Robotics: Coral Reef Cleanup (8-10 years)

In the Coral Reef Cleanup activity, students are equipped with a VR Ocean Cleaning Robot to help clean the Mangrove Reef. Collect as much trash as you can before the solar-powered batteries on your robot run down. Each level will complete the same activity, but the instructions will be tailored to your experience level with coding.

Space Base: Mission to Mars (10 – 14 years)

The challenge: It’s the year 2040 – Mars has had human settlers for 10 years, but the people living there are unhappy. They need fresh ideas from young people to design and build what a Mars base should look like if it is to be happy, thriving, human settlement. What would Teens and Kids build to help make Mars more enjoyable? Students will learn about Mars and advanced ways to code their design in 3D, VR and 360 degrees!

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