About Us

At Science Bridge it isĀ our mission to inspire students to love science and to expose them to the impact scientific applications have on our world. When students are exposed to the many interesting applications of science early on in life, they would be more inclined to like the subject and to pursue it as a career option in the future. Thematic and experiential learning are core to the way we deliver our programmes and we believe that these methods will be key drivers to innovation in education.

We have designed a wide range of programmes to cater for both primary and secondary students, including:

  • Life sciences

  • Chemistry

  • Forensic science

  • Environmental science

  • Physics

All of the above are supplemented by technology, supported by engineering and mathematics. For the problems (and therefore the solutions) faced today require an interdisciplinary approach, assisted by an open mind, curiosity and a willingness to think beyond limitations and boundaries.