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Our hands-on workshops are known to be fun and inspiring. Students will work in groups to solve scientific mysteries, create innovative products or just have fun with food. In some workshops we also incorporate some drama, speech and entrepreneurship that will further engage the students in the subjects.

Educational kits

Educational kits

We have designed a range of science and STEM teaching kits for preschool up to secondary school to keep students engaged and help with their understanding of applications. There are individual kits as well as classroom kits, all priced affordably in line with both the Malaysian and IGCSE curricula.



Check out our upcoming events! From Science Fairs to holiday workshops, our programmes are designed to educate and entertain your little ones.

About Science Bridge Academy

At Science Bridge it is our mission to inspire students to love science and to expose them to the impact scientific applications have on our world.

When students are exposed to the many interesting applications of science early on in life, they would be more inclined to like the subject and to pursue it as a career option in the future.

Thematic and experiential learning are core to the way we deliver our programmes and we believe that these methods will be key drivers to innovation in education.

Watch more videos on our Science Bridge Academy YouTube channel.
Watch more videos on our Science Bridge Academy YouTube channel.


We run exciting and themed programmes for pre-school, primary and secondary school students. Our programmes cover all the core sciences of physics, chemistry and biology, as well as forensic science. They may be customised for the students depending on their needs and focus areas. We provide specialised workshops, or field trip workshops where students may visit us at our awesome lab in The School, Jaya One.

Since inception we have also run science-related events and activities for a myriad of clients, including schools, property developers, tech companies and others. The events ranged from camps to hands-on activities for customer’s children – if it’s science related, we can do it! We have also done product launches and event launches.

OUR educational kits

At Science Bridge believe that science education should always be supplemented by hands-on activities and experiments. However, we recognise that it might be difficult to plan these activities due to lack of time and resources.

As such, we have developed our Lab in A Box classroom science teaching kits. Lab in A Box kits are an affordable and convenient way for teachers to incorporate experiments in their lessons without having to spend too much time on preparation and planning.

Additionally, we have a range of STEM kits for pre-school and primary school respectively. These kits touch on a broad range of core topics but all of them help students develop their creativity and understanding of STEM.

“I’m interested in science and forensics is really cool. I’m glad I got the chance to experiment with different things in this programme”
Secondary School student

Aged 13

“Really great to see how kids can be exposed to these sort of experiments. I wish I had these when I was their age!”

Children aged 10 and 12

“Food science is really fun and I enjoyed making my own instant bread!”
Primary School student

Aged 7

Examples of Science Bridge Academy events.

Have a few questions?

• What are the class schedules? How much do I have to pay?
Please click here for the class schedules and fees
• Do your classes follow any particular curriculum?
Our Primary and Intermediate classes follow the Malaysian national curriculum, but this overlaps with the IGCSE curriculum. The SBA Foundation programme follows the IGCSE curriculum.
• What do you teach in your classes?
Our classes feature a combination of hands-on experiments and theory.
• I'm not sure which level my child falls under, what would you recommend?
Give us a ring and we’ll recommend a level to start with. Normally we will be able to determine your child’s level after the trial class.
• Can I bring my child for a trial class?
Yes you may, but please ring us to arrange this beforehand. We charge a token of RM20 per trial class.

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