Science Bridge Academy | Programmes
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Our hands-on workshops  are known to be fun and inspiring. Students will work in groups to solve scientific mysteries, create innovative products or just have fun with food. In some workshops we also incorporate some drama, speech and entrepreneurship that will further engage the students in the subjects. One thing is guaranteed; the students will definitely get their hands dirty one way or another.

SBA’s Supplementary Science Classes bring a new dimension to tuition. Using concept based learning we instil a much more profound knowledge on the fundamentals of science subjects, which will ensure a more fun and effective way of learning.

If you’re a school or other educational institution and interested in a Science Camp, you should also talk to us. Our science camps incorporate a good balance of lectures, hands-on workshops, and outdoor activities that will guarantee an enjoyable learning experience for students.

We have developed a number of programmes and themes that have been tried and tested for more than 12 years in Singapore:

• Life sciences

• Forensic science

• Food science

• Environmental science

• Perfume making

Make sure to check our Facebook page for the latest holiday workshops.