Science Bridge Academy | Track record
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Our life sciences programmes have been running successfully in Singapore since 2002 by our partner company, Genecet Biotechnologies. Over the years we have developed a market leading track record in the development and provision of life science educational kits and life science workshops in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our research class laboratory is very much involved in the development and manufacture of life sciences educational kits for the education sector from primary schools to junior colleges.

Besides the extensive laboratory resources, the company is supported by proficient trainers who have a minimum of 2 years’ experience in life science training for students from age 8 to 18.

Our unique model of experiential and thematic learning methods have inspired students in over 50 schools in Singapore alone. Science Bridge Academy is excited to bring the life sciences programmes to Malaysia through schools and our flagship centre. We have worked with a number of international schools and are exploring channels how to impact the entire nation of Malaysia.

Some examples of the schools in Singapore and Malaysia we have worked with include: