Science Bridge Academy | Thematic learning
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Thematic learning


Thematic learning is one of the newer concepts in pedagogy. It is based on the idea that knowledge acquisition is efficient among students when they learn in the context of a coherent and holistic way and when they can associate whatever they learn to their surrounding and real life examples. Thematic instruction seeks to put the cognitive skills such as reading, thinking, memorising, and writing in the context of a real life situation under the broad aim to allow creative exploration.

At Science Bridge Academy, our science programmes are developed with thematic learning in mind. We believe that by adopting this methodology, it will articulate the roles of students as an enquirer and the trainer as leader of the enquirer. The programmes open up a holistic approach to active, enquiry based learning and integration of ICT so as to facilitate creative thinking, applications of concepts and a platform of opportunities for students to work on. They serve to provide students with the skills to work through real life situations by responding using awareness, thought, and intentional strategy in order to gain a positive outcome.

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