Science Bridge Academy | School Programmes
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We can run a wide range of workshops covering the general physics, chemistry and biology subjects or go in depth if necessary. Our programmes are suitable for students as young as 6 years and as old as 17 years.


Extra-Curricular Activities

If you are interested to have us join as an ECA provider at your school, please do contact us. Kindly note that in most cases we do require extra time to be able to finish our modules and to give them meaning to students.


Mini Research Projects

If any of your students are particularly brilliant at a subject and they would like to run mini research projects of their own, we can help! Just point them to us and we would be able to meet with them to discuss their interests. Alternatively, schools may just select a few of their top students to do mini research projects (funded by the school).

PleaseĀ contact us if you are interested to organise a workshop at your school. We are happy to discuss how our programmes can be aligned with your curriculum or offered as an after school activity.