Are you looking to me make your science classes more interactive and fun?

Do you want to engage your students through thematic learning methods?

We provide innovative science educational kits that will enhance your teaching and classes in many different ways:

Wide range: Our kits cover particular topics in the core sciences of physics, chemistry and biology. We have designed the kits to be in line with the Malaysian syllabus, making it easy for educators to use them as part of their teaching plan. We have kits for secondary and primary schools.

Hands on¬†experience: In consultation with our panel of educators, our kits are designed to help bring science “to life” in the classroom and to continuously engage students in their science lessons.

Pedagogically appropriate: More importantly, we work in concert with educators to make these kits inquiry-based and pedagogically appropriate.  This will heighten their understanding of key scientific concepts expressed through the kits and greatly enhancing their learning experience.

Integrative modules: We have designed our kits to be modular, building on one another so they are easily integrated into the academic curricula and projects. We can provide further customisation to fit your laboratory or teaching schedule.

Please contact us for the full and latest range of science teaching kits. We will be delighted to meet up with you to discuss the benefits of the kits and how they can be integrated in your class schedule.